Arts & Culture Organizations

The City of Dubuque offers a diverse and vibrant arts and culture community. Activities and performances suit all audiences, ages, income levels, and interests. The Arts & Cultural department issued a survey to arts and culture organizations in Dubuque. Please browse the survey results below to see the unique arts and culture opportunities the community of Dubuque offers.

Types of Arts & Culture Organizations

Dubuque offers a wide variety of Arts & Culture organizations. No matter your interest, there is sure to be an Arts & Culture organization that suits you!
Types of Organizations


Community Arts & Culture organizations offer events and activities for all age groups and audiences.
Event Audience

Average Participant Age

With the wide array of events and activities in the Dubuque arts and culture community, people of all ages find organizations to participate in.
Average Participant Age

Admission Cost

Tickets and admission to arts and cultural events are affordable! Over half of all events cost less than $5 for admission with 40% of events absolutely FREE!
Admission Cost


Arts and cultural organizations in Dubuque provide an excellent opportunity for underserved populations to get involved. Organizations make special efforts to include the following sub-populations:
Diversity of Organization


85% of Dubuque arts and culture organizations are not-for-profit organizations!
Tax Status


The arts and culture community is continuing to grow in Dubuque. Brand new arts and cultural organizations are joining organizations which have existed for more than 50 years. The timeless tradition and the unique innovation will continue to drive a diverse and vibrant arts community in Dubuque.
Length of Existence

Events & Activities

See just a sample of the family-friendly events and activities local arts and cultural organizations have to offer: