Arts & Culture Organizations

Throughout the city of Dubuque, our many arts and culture organizations provide a diverse variety of experiences that create add to the quality of life in our community and provide a rich landscape of opportunities for that users and creators. Organizations throughout Dubuque are proud to provide engagement opportunities that are inclusive to all audiences and that strive to represent diverse creative voices.

In 2012, the Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs conducted a survey to arts and culture organizations in Dubuque. Below, you'll find some of those survey results that help demonstrate the unique arts and culture opportunities available throughout Dubuque, for residents and visitors alike.

Types of Arts & Culture Organizations

No matter your interest, there is sure to be an Arts & Culture organization that suits you.
Types of Organizations

Audiences Served by Age

Dubuque's arts & culture organizations offer events and activities for all ages.
Event Audience

Inclusion and Outreach to Diverse Audiences

Dubuque's arts and culture organizations are exceptional when it comes to offering opportunities for underserved populations to get involved and experience the arts. Intentional efforts are made by organizations to connect with the following populations traditional underserved and underrepresented:
Diversity of Organization

Cost of Admission

Attending an arts and cultural event in Dubuque is affordable. The cost to attend more than half of Dubuque's arts and culture events costs less than $5 with admission to 40% of events being absolutely free.
Admission Cost

Non-Profit Status

85% of Dubuque arts and culture organizations are not-for-profit organizations.
Tax Status

Growth in the Field

The arts and culture community continues to expand in Dubuque. New organizations regularly join the roster of organizations that have existed for 50 years or more, with some of our organizations being 140+ years old!
Length of Existence