Operating Support Grant

The application window for the FY24 Operating Support program has passed.

The City of Dubuque, through the Arts & Culture Operating Support Grant Program, offers limited, unrestricted support to eligible arts and cultural non-profit organizations operating within Dubuque city limits that demonstrate a commitment to serving the community through access to arts, arts education, and cultural heritage experiences. This program is intended to increase the community's access to a wide range of inclusive and diverse arts and cultural experiences that support economic activity, empower community engagement, and cultivate an equitable community of choice. Applicants must demonstrate how their mission and programs advance the goals and priorities of the City of Dubuque's Arts and Culture Master Plan.


Dubuque-based nonprofit organizations who have a primary mission to provide the general public with programs or activities in areas directly concerned with arts, arts education, or cultural heritage. Eligible applicants must have operated as a nonprofit, tax-exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of IRS code for at least two years prior to the application date.


  • For-profit organizations or businesses;
  • Nonprofit organizations whose primary mission is focused on religious, political, social service, or athletic activities;
  • Nonprofit organizations whose physical address or majority of program delivery is outside of Dubuque;
  • Organization that uses a fiscal agent or the nonprofit or federal tax-exempt status of another organization; 
  • Educational institutions including K-12 schools, universities, and community colleges;
  • An organization with an outstanding Final Report associated with previous grant awards from FY22 or prior Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs funding opportunities. 


In FY24, funding awards will be based on the organization’s certified operating expenses for their most recently completed fiscal year. The maximum funding an organization can receive is calculated at 6% of those operating expenses not to exceed $30,000. Funding levels will be impacted by the number of eligible applicants and how applicants score.

The Arts & Culture Operating Support funding program has nurtured the diversity and accessibility of arts and culture events and services that exist throughout our community since 2006. The program is funded through through the City's general fund budget that is developed, reviewed, and approved annually.

By offering Operating Support funding, the City Council supports their goal to provide 'Diverse Arts, Culture, Parks, and Recreation Experiences and Activities' as well as helping the community realize recommendations of Dubuque's Imagine Dubuque Comprehensive Plan that foster Social + Cultural Vibrancy.

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