Competition Requirements

General Info for Sculpting Teams

Each team shall consist of up to three members, 18 years and older. A team must have three state resident members maximum to be eligible for the State Competition, two state resident members are acceptable. In the event a two-member team wins, qualifying the team to participate in the National Competition, a third member must be added. If a third instate member is not achievable, an out of state member will be accepted with approval of state and/or national event organizers. Teams consisting of all out-of-state sculptors may apply but will not be considered for State title or be considered for participation in National event.

Both amateurs and professionals are eligible; sculptors can only participate on one team. There is no entry fee. Proof of residency in the form of a photocopy of a driver’s license or state ID must accompany application if competing for State title.

Snow Sculpting Rules

Teams can begin carving on Wednesday, February 10, and will have until noon on Saturday, February 13 to complete their sculpture. No media other than snow, ice and water may be used; colorants may not be added. No armatures are allowed. Sculptors must provide their own tools including buckets, ladders and scaffolding. No power tools are permitted. Sculptures have to be fully finished on all sides by noon on Saturday, February 13.
Snow Sculpting Contest Rules

Snow Blocks

Each team is assigned (by lottery) a cube of manufactured and packed snow, 6 feet wide and deep by 8 feet tall in the Washington Park sculpting site in Dubuque, Iowa. Finished pieces may not expand beyond 10 feet in diameter, top to bottom. Height is unlimited. The condition of the snow cannot be guaranteed. In case of significant inclement weather, the competition may be canceled.

Subject Matter

Artists have the liberty of creating representations of realistic or imaginary subject matter. Because the sculptures will be located in public space the content must be appropriate for all ages. Sculptures must be an original design and NOT previously executed by the Team prior to the competition. No trademarks or logos allowed.

Judging Criteria

The designated judges will scoree the sculptures and winners will be determined based on these recommended criteria:
  • CREATIVITY - Originality in expression, composition, design, and overall aesthetics (50%)
  • TECHNIQUE - Utilization of materials, excellence in execution, and presentation (50%)

Awards Available

  • State of Iowa Champion* - First place will represent Iowa in US National Snow Sculpting Contest 2022 (*Eligible to teams consisting of 2 or more Iowa residents only)
  • People’s Choice Award - Determined by public vote gathered from 12 to 3:30PM on Saturday, February 13. Award will be presented at the awards ceremony at 3:45PM.
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