Financial Assistance Programs

Leak Allowances

A leak allowance adjustment is considered in some situations. A customer is allowed one adjustment during a 12 month period. In order to be considered for the adjustment the customer must identify the leak, complete the necessary repairs and submit a form to the Utility Billing office along with copies of repair invoices or receipts. The repair must be made and the form submitted within 60 days of discovering the leak. Adjustment is limited to one months of charges. Future bills must show a significant reduction in usage. Payments must still be paid by due date to avoid finance charges and receive an adjustment.

Water Leak Repair Grant

The water leak repair grant is provided to individually metered residential units (including rentals). One grant provided per building if not individually metered. The grant is available one time per 12 months per service address. The water leak repair work has to affect water consumption and/or leak detection icon on the new Neptune water meter to receive the grant. The party who pays for the repair will receive the water leak repair grant. To qualify for reimbursement the water leak repair grant request application and documentation including all receipts needs to be returned to the Utility Billing office within 60 days of notification of the leak. The amount of reimbursement is 50% of the repair work up to $100 maximum.

Refuse & Stormwater 50% Reduction of Monthly Fee

 Click here to see the income guidelines chart and apply for reduced refuse and stormwater fees.
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