Industrial Pretreatment Program

Industrial Wastewater Discharge Permit

All significant industrial users (SIUs), both major and minor, which presently discharge or intend to discharge wastewater, either directly or indirectly to the public sewer system, are required to complete an industrial wastewater discharge permit application.

Download the permit application and submit the completed form via email or mail to:

John Wiley  |  email
Industrial Pretreatment Coordinator
Water & Resource Recovery Center
795 Julien Dubuque Drive
Dubuque, IA 52003-7996

Permit Frequently Asked Questions

Industrial waste is a liquid or water-borne waste from industrial or commercial processes, except domestic sewage.

Industrial Wastewater User Survey

The goal of the Industrial Pretreatment Program (IPP) is to protect, preserve, and improve water quality in Iowa. Federal and local rules are designed to limit pollution from industrial discharges to publicly owned wastewater treatment facilities. Our waterways are cleaner today than in previous decades because business practices have improved. The user survey is one way the City of Dubuque and businesses are working together for clean water.

Every company must properly dispose of wastewater. Some businesses need permits or authorization to send industrial wastewater to the sewer. Your answers to the survey will help determine what your organization needs. All organizations, even those with restrooms or break rooms only, must respond. 

Survey Frequently Asked Questions

All organizations that discharge wastewater to the Water & Resource Recovery Center (WRRC) sewer system are required to complete the survey. This includes businesses with restrooms and break rooms only. 

Sewer Use Ordinance

View the City's sewer use ordinance