Water & Resource Recovery Center: Facility Plan

The City of Dubuque developed a facility plan for its Water & Resource Recovery Center (WRRC) located at 795 Julien Dubuque Drive.

City staff worked with a consultant, Strand Associates Inc. of Madison, to develop the facility plan. The objectives of the plan were:
  • Assessing the current condition of the WRRC
  • Finding alternatives for sludge disposal with related costs and impacts
  • Creating a secondary treatment plan
  • Finding disinfection alternatives with related costs and impacts
  • Fulfilling the requirements of the State of Iowa Revolving Fund Program for the possibility of funding plant upgrades
  • Developing a prioritized list of plant upgrades for possible phasing of plant construction
  • Analyzing the probability of nutrient removal requirements for the WRRC
  • Creating a Facility Plan that with input from all interested Dubuque citizens and City staff