Territory Accountability Design


The Territory Accountability Design divides the community into seven patrol territories. Each territory is assigned to one patrol Lieutenant. Each month the patrol Lieutenant reviews the territory crime statistics and looks for areas of concern. If a particular area of concern has been identified, the territory Lieutenant in cooperation with the Patrol Captain develops an action plan to impact the concern.

Crime Data

The territory crime data is captured each month and relates numerically activity associated with calls for service and criminal activity. The crime analysis encompasses crime suppression and prevention activities. Each territory Lieutenant reviews the crime statistics for the development of Special Operations. Special Operations focus direct attention to a particular concern. Since the inception of the program, Special Operations have been used for extra traffic enforcement, surveillance activities, and enforcement efforts.

Currently we are taking the crime statistics from the numerical format and placing the information onto crime pin maps. The combination of the numerical information coupled with the pin maps allows for a better understanding as to what and where incidents are occurring.

Reviewing and Determining Needs

Each month the Territory Lieutenant, in cooperation with their patrol Captain reviews the crime information and determines particular needs. Once an area has been identified, the Territory Lieutenant develops an action plan in the form of a Special Operations.

Since the inception of Territory Accountability Design, Special Operations have included special traffic safety initiatives, surveillance operations, and residential and vehicle burglary details.

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