Next Level Savings Program / Family Self-Sufficiency


Reach your goals while saving money!

The Next Level Savings Program is a five-year voluntary Family Self-Sufficiency Program (FSS) available to families and individuals who currently receive a Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) also known as a Section 8 Voucher. It is designed to assist you in setting and reaching your personal, financial, educational, and employment goals while potentially saving thousands of dollars!

The money saved while participating in the program comes directly from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). It does not come from your personal earnings or income.

The savings is an incentive to keep working and stay focused on achieving your goals and dreams. During the program, the money is in a managed savings account. Once you've achieved your goals and graduated from the program, you collect your savings! 

Saving Money
Whats Your Dream

Next Level Savings Program is about you, your family, and improving your life.

We believe that by building strong families we are building a stronger community. We are here to help you:

  • Identify and set individual and family goals
  • Learn financial management skills and build wealth
  • Learn skills to overcome obstacles that kept you from being self-sufficient in the past

Ready to take your life to the Next Level?

To get started, you simply inform your caseworker that you would like to join the Next Level Savings Program. Remember, you must currently receive a Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher to participate. Then, LaMetra, the program coordinator, will reach out to you to schedule a meet and greet to talk about the next steps! 

Meet LaMetra

Your personal cheerleader, motivator, encourager, and coach.

LaMetra Photo

Going back to school, better employment, improved housing, financial stability— these things are possible and I am here to help you take your life to the Next Level. I will encourage you, keep you accountable, and connect you to the resources you need to achieve your goals. As we work together, you can begin to save money in a managed savings account. Past graduates have earned an average of $6,500. The more you earn…THE MORE YOU SAVE!

LaMetra Murdock, Next Level Savings Program Coordinator

Recent Testimonials

Graduated from Next Level Savings Program with $10,000. 

"When I moved to Iowa seven years ago I had a goal in mind -- to become self-sufficient for my boys and I. I wanted to go back to school to receive a nursing degree. Upon joining the FSS program, I never imagined the amount of help along the way would be offered, as they definitely added some assistance to achieving my goals. Although monetary assistance was needed on rare occasions, the emotional support I received along the way was truly gratifying. There were multiple times I struggled with the stressors of life. Trying to maintain what I had gotten myself into (as I laugh). Moving to a state away from my mom with two young boys and returning to school at 34 was a challenge in itself. Hollie was very supportive when I had tough times and I appreciated being able to vent and receive supportive feedback. I believe that’s what matters for single parents (or any parent) trying to get over the hump, having someone to listen and care without judgement.

I also think of the year I had to repeat Anatomy 1, this put me on hold a year to complete my BSN. I decided to double major in psychology in order to not interfere with financial aid. This put me in a five year plan to graduate. I was thankful FSS allowed me to re-evaluate my goals at this time and extend achievement time.

Now I am a Clark Alumni holding BSN and BA of psychology degrees. I am beyond grateful for the assistance in achieving my goals and the monetary award allotted."

Graduated from Next Level Savings Program with over $3,000.

"The FSS program help me to believe in myself. We know what we are but not what we may be. After something tragic happened to me at the age of 32, I stopped caring and believing in myself. I got bad credit and lost my job a short time afterwards. I gave up. But moving to Dubuque and receiving a voucher was the best thing I could have done. I never thought I would be able to restore my credit or self-esteem. I have restored my self-esteem with finding a new job and by working with Dupaco Credit Union to restore my credit. I am very proud of myself."

Next Level Savings Program Participant

"I began my journey with the Next Level Savings Program with LaMetra Murdock just a few months ago. When I first discovered the program I was very unsure if this was a step I was willing to take. With LaMetra by my side and constantly reaching out to me to keep me on my feet, I never knew how much I procrastinated. She keeps my head clear on what the plan is all the time and always considers my desires and beliefs for a successful journey with this program. She helped me become more consistent with constant email reminders. Helping me with so many resources was the blessing in it all. Putting them into action was the work! I love that LaMetra came across my voicemail to make BIG BOSS MOVES!! Everyday without me even noticing I was making so much progress. Next Level Savings Program has shifted my life into another direction. A "hard working mama" kind of life. Thank you so much LaMetra for leading me in a more positive direction!"

Next Level Savings Program Participant

The Next Level Savings Program has given me and my family the confidence of a secured future of being a homeowner. I have accomplished getting my driver's license, and with the help of the program, I have gained ownership of my 2011 Town & Country Chrysler van. As of September 2022, I have a wonderful job of 6 years. Even with dealing with the death of my mom last August, I have managed to make it most of the way of earning my associates degree in Register Nursing, with an entry date of Fall 2023. This program has definitely taken me and my family to the next level. Thank you all for being a blessing in our lives.

Disclosure: An individual or family’s decision to not participate in the Next Level Savings Program (FSS) will not affect the individual’s or family’s admission to the public housing or housing choice voucher programs, nor will it affect the family’s right to occupancy in accordance with the lease.

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