Snow Route Parking

After snowfalls of three or more inches occur, the City Manager has the authority to issue a snow restricted parking declaration, referred to as Odd/Even Snow Route Parking.  Enforcement of the snow route parking policy will be announced at least six hours in advance through news media, including CityChannel Dubuque and the City's website. Register to receive an email or text notification when the policy is in effect. or sign up for the City's Alert Iowa emergency notification system, which is also utilized to alert citizens of a snow route policy activation.

Additional Odd/Even Snow Route Parking details

Street Parking Restrictions

The City Code (9-15-321.762) states that a vehicle cannot be parked longer than 24 hours without moving. A vehicle that has been parked 24 hours without being moved is considered to be street storage and will be ticketed.

If the vehicle has not been moved within 24 hours of the notice of fine, or there is evidence that the vehicle has been parked for more than 48 hours before receiving the notice of fine, the vehicle may be towed.

Questions regarding street storage may be directed to the Police Department at 563-589-4410.