Digital Evidence Forensic Laboratory

It is the policy of the Dubuque Police Department to use all proven legal means and methods to prevent and to solve crimes. To that end, the High-Tech Crime Initiative and Computer and Digital Forensic Examinations are available within parameters. The Dubuque Police Department proactively investigates computer and other high-tech related crimes. 

With the evolution of the High-Tech Crimes Initiative and the inception of digital evidence and cell phone forensics, the Computer Forensics Lab will be identified as the Digital Evidence Forensic Laboratory. Inside of the High-Tech Crimes Initiative is the Digital Evidence Forensic Laboratory.

The High-Tech Crimes Initiative is primarily responsible for education, assisting and conducting investigations of high-tech crimes, where the Digital Evidence Forensic Laboratory is the actual laboratory facility that will process digital evidence. 

The purpose of a computer and digital forensic examination is to examine and analyze computer and digital evidence for the purpose of identification, collection, and preservation of evidence. It is a technical, computer-related field involved in the collection and examination of evidence from computers, including cell phones, audio, video, PDAs, for text and graphical images.  A computer or digital forensic examination may verify claims or statements made by persons who have a specific interest in the criminal investigation. Therefore, computer and digital forensic examinations are intended to complement, not act as a substitute for a thorough investigation.