Historic Millwork District Revitalization

Historic Millwork District
Artist rendering of 10th Street

The Historic Millwork District offers authenticity, character, and valuable lessons about the importance of sustainable urban design strategies. At the start of the 20th century, the District was the innovative and entrepreneurial center of the region and was the backbone of the regional economy. The revitalization of the Historic Millwork District will renew the area with a strategy that connects people, planet, and profit in a mixed-use neighborhood.


Revitalization Goals

  • Preserve the millwork history of Dubuque
  • Create an urban, mixed-use neighborhood
  • Become a model for redevelopment by incorporating sustainable practices
  • Attract and retain a quality workforce for Dubuque’s growing economy
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Photo Gallery

 Browse the progress we have made in public, residential, commercial, and retail properties in the Historic Millwork District Revitalization Project.

Brazen Open Kitchen & Bar
Intermodal Transportation Facility
Linseed Oil Building
Millwork District Residential Unit
Millwork District Revitalization
Intermodal Transportation Facility
Complete Streets Project
Linseed Oil Building
Hendricks Feed Revitalization
Complete Streets Project Lighting