Economic Development

Historic Millwork District

Who We Are

The Dubuque Economic Development Department strives to create and develop a viable, livable, and equitable community.

Dubuque is open for business...your business! The Economic Development Department will accompany your development endeavor whether you are seeking to start a new business, relocate to Dubuque, or expand an existing business in Dubuque.

At the tri-state intersection of Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin, Dubuque connects your business to extensive geographical and talent resource pools. The Economic Development Department prides itself on sustainable practices and public-private partnerships where the city works hand-in-hand with private enterprises, non-profit organizations, and educational institutions to create a community where your business and employees thrive.


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What We Offer

The Dubuque Economic Development Department employs a collaborative model to help your business maximize its resources.

Strategies employed by the Economic Development Department to benefit your business include:

  • Incentive programs including local loan, grant, and tax-rebate opportunities which can be combined with state and federal programs to complete a financial package for your business.
  • Community partnerships between public and private businesses and organizations aimed at creating mutually beneficial economic development.
  • Investment in the arts to foster economic prosperity through inspiration, education, engagement, and improvement in the quality of life in Dubuque.

Where We Are Going

Dubuque's City Council develops annual and long-term priorities, which are then used to develop our budget and focus. We welcome you to discover how the following development priorities can help your business succeed in Dubuque.

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