Business Recruitment & Expansion

The City of Dubuque is committed to providing a business environment where business and industry can thrive.  The City is aware that businesses create opportunities for our citizens, and supporting them is crucial to our success.

The City has a comprehensive partnership with the Greater Dubuque Development Corporation (GDDC) to provide business recruitment, expansion, and support services within the City.  GDDC is the first contact with businesses looking to expand or relocate within the City.  Visit the GDDC website to view the wide array of services they provide to assist business in Dubuque.

In assisting with Business Recruitment and Expansion, the City of Dubuque also partners with area organizations to fulfill the needs of the business community. The following is a list of additional organizations that the City works with:

The City has several programs available for businesses to utilize for an expansion project.  The programs vary on the type of business, the location of, and the magnitude of the expansion.  To get more information, visit the Economic Development page within this site.

Several businesses and industries have selected Dubuque for their expansion plans.  They selected Dubuque for a variety of reasons varying from a quality workforce, central location within the nation, low cost of business, and robust business community; but these certainly are not the only reasons.  Dubuque could quite possibly be the location for your next successful expansion project, so contact GDDC today to learn how Dubuque can take your business to the next level.