School Resource Officers


The Dubuque Police Departments School Resource Officer (SRO) Program was implemented as a part of the department’s focus on better serving the city through Community Oriented Policing. Dubuque’s SRO Unit currently has six full-time officers dedicated to the Dubuque Community School District.

The SRO:

  • Is a vital member of the school’s administrative team, helping to solve problems within the school community.
  • Is an educational resource for students, teachers, administrators and parents.
  • Provides students with a positive role model, and balanced view of law enforcement.
  • Is a proactive law enforcement officer dealing with law related issues on campus.

Front row, left to right: Officer Mark Lorenzen, Officer Jason Hoerner, Officer Brandon Gudenkauf 
Back row, left to right: Lieutenant Bruce Deutsch, Officer Brianna Marzette, Officer Sade Pointer, Captain Steve Radloff

Ofc. Pointer and Ofc. Gudenkauf show off their friendly football rivalry! 

DARE Ski and snowboard night at Sundown Mountain featuring SROs Brandon Gudenkauf, Jason Hoerner, Billy Dieujuste, and Sade Pointer (as Darren the Lion).

SROs Serve Many Different Roles

Law Enforcer 

Any criminal or law related issue that arises on campus is the SRO’s responsibility. In many ways his / her school is no different than any other patrol beat. Whether it is child abuse, truancy, disorderly conduct, theft, or some type of assault, the SRO is there to handle it quickly and professionally. SRO’s work closely with the school administration in these issues. 

The SRO is charged with proactively addressing the crimes that occur on campus, both through education and other programs. Every school is different, so each SRO must tailor his / her efforts to their particular school(s). 


The SRO is a resource for the faculty, students, and parents, providing informal counseling and/or advice. These officers have received extensive training regarding programs and services available to handle problems and conflicts. Getting the right kind of help to those that need it is one of the SRO’s highest priorities. 

Teacher / Trainer 

The SRO is available as a guest speaker or as a resource for classes within the school. 


SROs have the opportunity to form lasting impressions on young people. To help students succeed, the SRO provides guidance, tutoring, and coaching to students with special needs or problems.

School Resource Officers

  • Lieutenant Bruce Deutsch: Supervisor and elementary schools. Email or call 563-589-4438
  • Officer Mark Lorenzen: Senior and Washington. Email or call 563-589-4460
  • Officer Brianna Marzette: Hempstead and Roosevelt. Email or call 563-587-3805
  • Officer Sade Pointer: Jefferson and ALC. Email or call 563-587-3641
  • Officer Brandon Gudenkauf: Elementary schools. Email or call 563-589-7862
  • Officer Jason Hoerner: DARE Program. Email or call 563-587-3640