Special Events Permits


A special event permit is required  when a business, organization, or individual is scheduling an event that will be taking place on City property or public right-of-way.  A special event permit is also required if an event is scheduled on outdoor private property where the public is invited and the event will significantly impact public health or safety or the peace and quiet of a neighborhood due to the number of persons attending the event, use of outdoor music or amplified noise, and effect on traffic and parking.

Courtesy Notification

Events such as assemblies, marches, and neighborhood block parties are encouraged to complete a courtesy notification application

Please contact the City Clerk's Office at 563.589.4122 with questions regarding the courtesy notification application process. 

Application Process
The special event information packet, application and instructions, can be obtained from the City Clerk's Office or by clicking on the links below. The application must be completed and submitted to the City Clerk's Office (whether online or in person) sixty days prior to the event.

There is a $50 processing fee for all permit requests. If an application is submitted within 30 days or less of the event, the fee will double to $100. Any special event with food and/or beverage sales must provide a $300 refundable deposit.  All other events must provide a $50 refundable deposit.
Applicants MUST read and understand the Special Event Permit Application Booklet before applying for the permit. 

Items you'll need BEFORE submitting your application online:

*not necessary before submitting the online application, but necessary before the permit is issued.

Click to access the booklet.

Special Events Booklet

The following links contain information to aid event organizers in providing an accessible, safe and sustainable event :

Feel free to choose one of these commonly used site maps when filling out the site plan portion of the application:

Promotional Materials Over the Street Right of Way (PMOSR) Policy and Application:

PMOSR's are those promotional materials located over the City-owned public street right of way that are associated with a special event and a special event permit issued by the City of Dubuque. Access the policy and application.