Eagle Point Park

Eagle Point Park is a 164-acre community park that opened in 1909 on Dubuque’s northeast side. The park is owned by the City of Dubuque and managed by the City’s leisure services department’s park division. The park overlooks the Mississippi River, providing a spectacular view of Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin.

Eagle Point Park is a unique and important amenity for the City of Dubuque, most known for its cultural history, spectacular views, and recreational uses. There are ten pavilions located in the park and their construction spans nearly 100 years. The styles exhibited in the pavilions are diverse. Some are free standing structures while others are constructed as natural landscape features.

Much of the landscape and building architecture in the park reflect the Prairie Style influences of the early 20th Century, and of note, famous landscape architect and one-time Dubuque Park Superintendent, Alfred Caldwell. Prairie style architecture is characterized by using native building materials, integration with the surrounding landscape, broad eaves and linear features with minimal ornate decoration.

Eagle Point Park was listed as a historic district in the National Register of Historic Places in 2017. The National Register is the federal government’s official list of historic properties worthy of preservation.

Additional information and historic images can be found by visiting: cityofdubuque.org/epp. 

Nation Register of Historic Places Nomination

Location: Dubuque's northeast side

Year Opened: 1909

Architect: Alfred Caldwell

Style: Various Styles, Predominantly Prairie Style

Date listed on National Register of Historic Places: November 27, 2017

Date listed as a Local Historic Landmark: July 15, 2019