Community Development Block Grant

The Community Development Block Grant Program (CDBG) was created on August 22, 1974, when President Gerald R. Ford signed a law merging seven individual competitive grant programs into a flexible block grant to meet community development needs. Dubuque is an entitlement city and is eligible to receive CDBG funds on an annual basis.

The Housing & Community Development Department is responsible for administering and coordinating activities relating to the use of CDBG funds. Each year the City of Dubuque receives approximately $1.3 million in federal CDBG funds from the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The funds are used for eligible activities in the areas of housing, economic development, neighborhood and public services, public facilities, and planning/administration.
Our department staffs the City’s Community Development Advisory Commission, who receive public input and makes recommendations to the City Council on the allocation of CDBG funds through the development of a five-year Consolidated Plan and an annual Action Plan.

Eligible recipients include City departments and non-profit agencies that deliver activities or services to Dubuque citizens. The Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing identifies housing impediments and proposes a fair housing action plan to eliminate these Impediments. The Consolidated Annual Performance Evaluation Report (CAPER) provides a summary of the previous year’s use of funds and is submitted to HUD each September.

To qualify for funding through the CDBG program, a project must be identified by HUD as an eligible activity and must also meet one of the national objectives. Federal regulations require the funds be used primarily to assist persons of low and moderate income, reduce slum and blight, or an urgent need. For more information about CDBG regulations, please see the HUD website.

Purchase of Services Grant

The Purchase of Service grant program is designed to provide support for human service programs in the City of Dubuque that further the City’s goals, objectives and priorities. Not-for-profit organizations located in Dubuque and providing year round human services programs are eligible to apply. Grants are awarded by the City Council during the City’s fiscal year budget process.

The Purchase of Services grant program applications are available in the Spring.

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