Resident Meter Permits

The City of Dubuque established Resident Meter Permit Districts to accommodate individuals living downtown in metered areas. To determine if you live in a Resident Meter Permit District, click the map below and enter your home address in the search box. Click the individual district maps to view  valid parking locations in each district with a Resident Meter Permit.

Frequently Asked Questions: Resident Meter Permits

Who is eligible for a Resident Meter Permit? 

Individuals who live in a resident meter district and provide the Parking Division office with proof of residency in the form of a lease agreement or current utility bill. Each district is limited to a defined number of permits based on City Ordinance and are issued to residents on a first-come-first-serve basis. If no permits are available, you will be placed on a waitlist and contacted when a permit becomes available.

Will a Resident Meter Permit guarantee me a parking spot or reserve a meter for me?

No. While parked within your district with a valid permit, the permit DOES protect vehicles from citation for meter payment or length of parking but DOES NOT guarantee a parking space or reserve a meter in the assigned area. While the Resident Meter Permit Program is designed to provide sufficient parking for both residents and the general public, there may be times when a meter is not available in your assigned location and you may be required to pay for a meter in a different location. 

How long is my Resident Meter Permit valid?

Resident Meter Permits are issued on a quarterly basis at a rate of $19 a month. Quarters run January - March, April - June, July - September, and October - December. If you currently hold a permit, you are responsible for renewing the permit before the start of the next quarter or risk citation. After the end of each quarter, waitlist individuals will be contacted and may purchase any permits which have not been renewed by previous permit holders.

How do I purchase or renew a Resident Meter Permit?

New permit applicants must provide proof of residency at the time of purchase. You may purchase or renew a Resident Meter Permit via the following methods:

  • In-person: Parking Division office located at 950 Elm Street, Dubuque, IA 52001 (Please park on 10th Street across from the Intermodal Transportation Center)
  • Over the Phone (Renewals Only): (563) 589-4266
  • Online: Coming Soon!