Residential Parking Permit District (RPPD)


Residential Parking Permit Districts are established at the request of neighborhood residents when parking is difficult due to high volumes of non-resident vehicles. They are meant to:

  •  Reduce traffic congestion from non-residents parked curbside in the neighborhood
  •  Protect residential neighborhoods from excessive pollution, noise and litter caused by non-resident vehicles
  •  Ensure adequate on-street parking for neighborhood residents
  •  Promote traffic safety and the safety of children and pedestrians in the neighborhood
The City of Dubuque Residential Parking Permit District ordinances can be found here.

Click the image to the right for a brochure about Residential Permit Parking Districts, how to establish and amend a district, and obtaining a permit.

Establishing or Amending a Residential Parking Permit District

To obtain a petition to establish a Residential Parking Permit District, click here or contact the City of Dubuque Engineering Department at 563-589-4270.

To amend a Residential Parking Permit District, use one of the following petitions:


Click here to download an application for an owner permit.

Residential Parking Districts

View brochures with maps of the residential parking districts.

Frequently Asked Questions about Residential Permit Parking

How much does a permit cost and how long does it last?

  •  Residential Parking Permit District permits are issued for one year from September 1st - August 31st and are not prorated or refundable.
  •  Each residence is allowed up to four resident permits for $15 each. The permit is issued to a specific vehicle whose owner or principal operator is a resident of the address.
  •  Each residence is also allowed up to two visitor permits for $10 each.
  •  The users of visitor permits must be at the premises of the principal permit holder's residence while the permit is being utilized.

How do I purchase a permit?

1. Pay any outstanding parking tickets. They can be paid online here.

2. Prepare your proof of residency documentation (lease, utility bill, ID, or other official document)

3. Purchase by September 1 to avoid ticketing:

a. By Mail: Use the enclosed form and envelope to mail your information and payment. Your permits will be mailed to you.

b. In Person: 950 Elm St, Mon-Fri 7:30am - 4:30pm. Park at 10th St. meters or behind the building.

4. Post your permit. The sticker must be placed on the lower driver’s side windshield and be visible from the outside. Remember to have your visitors hang the visitor permit if they’re parking on-street. 

The permit must be visible by enforcement officers to avoid being issued a ticket.

Do I have to purchase a permit to avoid getting a ticket?

To park on the street, a permit is required for all Residential Parking Permit Districts. If you or your visitors are parking on the street and do not have a visible Residential Parking Permit District permit, a $15 ticket will be issued to the owner of the vehicle.


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