Rules and FAQs

Park Rules


  • Fishing in the Bee Branch Creek is allowed.
  • Non-motorized skateboards, bicycles, scooters, and hoverboards are allowed.
  • Pets on leashes are allowed in the Bee Branch Creek Greenway; clean-up is required in all areas.
  • Canoeing, kayaking, and stand up paddle boarding are allowed in the creek from the railway yard to Kerper Blvd.
  • Alcohol is allowed in the Bee Branch Creek Greenway.
  • Geocaching is allowed in the Bee Branch Creek Greenway.


  • Swimming and wading is prohibited in the Bee Branch Creek at all times.
  • For your safety and the safety of others, please do not throw rocks or play on rocks. 
  • Ice skating is prohibited on the Bee Branch Creek and 16th St. Detention Basin.
  • Canoeing, kayaking, and stand up paddle boarding are prohibited in the creek from E. 24th St. to Garfield Ave.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is parking available? 

    There are parking lots located at the intersection of 22nd Street and Prince Street, as well as Comiskey Park located at 255 East 24th Street. Parking is also available on the streets bordering the Greenway. Obey all signage related to parking in lots and on streets.

  • Where are public restrooms located?

    A public restroom is located in Comiskey Park Community Center located at 255 East 24th Street. Doors that access the restrooms are located on the outside of the building. Restroom hours are from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm.

  • Is the greenway handicapped accessible? 

    The greenway was designed to current accessibility standards.

  • Is alcohol allowed in the greenway? 

    Wine, alcohol and canned beer is allowed in the Greenway. Wine and alcohol must be served in plastic containers; no glass. Keg beer is not allowed except by approval of the City Manager, approval is only given to a licensed holder of a beer permit. All State laws apply.

  • May I bring my dog to the greenway? 

    Leashed dogs and cats are allowed in the Bee Branch Creek Greenway. Go to for a map of parks and/or trails where dogs and cats are allowed on leash.

  • Is smoking allowed?

     Smoking is allowed in the greenway. Smokers are asked to dispose of all cigarette butts in appropriate receptacles. Failure to do so is littering.

  • Can we grill in the greenway? 

    There are no grills or grilling currently in the greenway.

  • Is WiFi available in the greenway? 

    Yes. Free public WiFi is available at the Bee Branch Creek Greenway.

  • When does the Bee Branch Creek Greenway open and close? 

    The greenway is open 24 hours a day. Be respectful as the greenway is partially in a residential neighborhood. The trail system allows recreationists and commuters to enjoy and use the greenway when they need or want to use it. Remember, the greenway has security cameras recording the use of the greenway.

  • Can kids play in the water in the 22nd St. spillway and along the side of the amphitheater? 

    Although inviting, the water in these areas is not to play in. The flowing water at the amphitheater comes from the geothermal at Audubon Elementary School. The water is aerified by passing over the rocks and creates both a decorative and water quality increasing feature. The rocks are not to be moved or removed. This is a decorative water feature, not a children’s play feature.

  • Can I rent areas of the greenway for events? (Festival, Corporate Picnic, Reunion, Wedding, etc.) 

    There will be five areas that can be rented. They will be described further once each of these areas is available for rent. Currently, the areas still need some final construction to be completed before they are available for rent.

  • Who do I contact if I see vandalism or other park maintenance items in the greenway? 

    If you see vandalism happening, call 911. To report maintenance issues, call 563-589-4263. During office hours, you can speak to the Leisure Services Department staff or after hours leave a message. Maintenance or other issues may be reported through the City of Dubuque’s website at or via the MyDbq app.

  • Can we take kayaks, canoes, stand-up paddle boards, or boats on the Bee Branch Pond?

    Kayaks and stand-up paddle boards (SUP’s) are allowed. Boats with a trolling motor are allowed. There is no boat ramp. Kayaks, canoes and SUP’s are not allowed on the Bee Branch Creek channel from 24th Street to Garfield Avenue.