Pool Policies

  1. Patrons entering the pool must either pay before entering or show the appropriate pass to gain admittance. 
    1. Age Breakdown: toddler, age 3 and younger; youth, ages 4 through 17; adult, age 18 and older; and senior citizen, age 62 and older and retired. 
    2. Only adults are allowed to participate in the designated adult lap swim / water walking time periods, except morning session, where middle school age youth are allowed if accompanied by an adult.
  2. Patrons must wear clean, regularly acceptable swimming attire. Cut-offs, shorts, et cetera, may not be worn. Children who are not toilet trained must wear swimsuit diapers or tight fitting rubber/plastic pants. Diaper changing is to be completed only in the locker rooms, not pool deck or turf areas.

  3. Children ten (10) years old and under must be supervised at all times by a responsible person, fourteen years or older. Lifeguards enforce rules and regulations and respond to aquatic emergencies, but parents are ultimately responsible for the safety of their children. 

  4. The following are not permitted within the facility: 
    1.  smoking or using any tobacco products 
    2. glass containers 
    3. throwing items which may cause injury 
    4. chewing gum
    5. any flotation device not approved by the coast guard, such as water wings, rings, et cetera
  5. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed in the swimming pool area. Patrons suspected of having consumed alcohol will be asked to leave or will be refused admittance to this facility.

  6. Walk, do not run, on the decks surrounding the pool.

  7. Diving or flips from the side of the pool are not allowed. The water is too shallow.

  8. Lying or sitting on the decks is not permitted. Sunbathing is allowed only on the grass and zero depth areas.

  9. Hazardous activity, as determined by the lifeguards, such as running, pushing, dunking, snapping towels, throwing persons in the water, riding on shoulders, or any other activity hazardous to the safety and enjoyment of other pool patrons is not permitted.

  10. Playing on the ropes that divide the shallow and deep water is not permitted. 

  11. Visiting with or purposely distracting the life guards in any way, while they are on duty, is not permitted.

  12. Using profanity and abusive language will not be tolerated; penalty for this will be determined by the manager.

  13. Stealing: If a pool patron is apprehended stealing, the police will be called, pool pass will be confiscated if applicable, and that patron will be expelled for the remainder of the summer season.

  14. Fighting will not be tolerated. Penalty for those caught fighting will be a one-week suspension.

  15. Patrons who are susceptible to severe sunburn may wear clean T-shirts with the approval of the pool manager.

  16. Concession operations are available at the outdoor pools. Carry-in food and beverages are not allowed.

  17. Lockers are available at all swimming pools. Coin-operated lockers are available at both outdoor pools. Patrons may bring their own padlocks to secure personal property, however, locks remaining on lockers overnight will be removed, resulting in damage to the lock.

  18. Patrons experiencing diarrhea or upset stomach, as well as patrons with festering open cuts, wounds, et cetera should not use the pool. Patrons should take a soap shower before using the pool. Pool patrons should avoid drinking the pool water.

  19. Report accidents or potentially dangerous situations to the nearest life guard or in the pool office.

  20. No refunds due to weather conditions that may cause facility closing will be given.

  21. The Leisure Services Department, or its personnel, is in no way responsible for lost or stolen articles within the pool enclosure. This includes the concession area, bathhouse and sun bathing areas.

  22. The Leisure Services Department reserves the right to make further rules and regulations for the safety and enjoyment of the general public.

  23. A patron, upon paying admittance fee, is in fact saying that he or she will abide by these rules and regulations, will cooperate with the pool personnel in the performance of their duties, and understands that failure to do so will result in loss of the privilege to remain in the pool.

Breastfeeding Policy
Breastfeeding is allowed at both Flora and Sutton Pools.  Bottle feeding of infants is also allowed on the pool deck or concession areas only.  Glass or breakable plastic bottles are not allowed in the facility nor are any bottles allowed in the water.  Please click here to view the full policy.