Removing a Bat from Inside a Home

Read this information from Bat Conservation International on how to catch a bat if it is inside your home.

Bat Bites

Immediately wash the bite with soap and water and seek medical attention. If at all possible the bat should be captured and sent to a laboratory for testing, using the following technique:

  • When the bat lands, approach it slowly and place a box or coffee can over it. Be sure you wear leather work gloves.
  • Slide a piece of cardboard under the container to trap the bat and tape it in place securely.
  • Place small holes in the cardboard so the bat can breathe.
  • Contact a local veterinarian to make arrangements for the bat to be tested for rabies. If the bat is dead, it should be placed in a bag and kept refrigerated until it can be sent to the lab. DO NOT FREEZE.
  • If there has not been human or pet contact with the bat, it can be released outside.
  • Report bat bites by contacting the City of Dubuque Animal Control at 563.589.4185.

The only way to know if a bat is rabid is testing by laboratory. Caution should be exercised whenever bats are present and bats should never be handled.

Bats and Rabies