Animal Bites

Every year over 100 animal bites occur in our community. The majority of these bites occur by the family pet or some other pet that the victim is familiar with. In many cases bites can be prevented, but regardless of the circumstances they should always be reported. 

If you are bitten or if your pet bites someone notify the Animal Control Officer at 563-589-4185 or submit an online form. Animal bites are serious business and should not be taken lightly. Victims of animal bites, however minor, should always consult a physician.

For more information is available on the CDC’s website

Rabies Confinement

Any dog or cat, which bites any person in the city of Dubuque, may be observed for rabies at a licensed veterinarian for 10 days. The owner of the animal shall pay the cost of the rabies observation.

Under certain circumstances, the animal may qualify for home confinement. It is the responsibility of Animal Control to investigate bites and see that the proper steps are taken to verify the health condition and vaccination records of the offending animal.