Drug Court


The Dubuque/Delaware County Drug Court was developed for adults who have pled guilty to one or more criminal offenses and who are having difficulty staying clean and sober. They have committed criminal offenses because of, or to support, their addiction. The goal is to help them achieve a drug and crime free lifestyle and eventually become a productive member of the community.

It is a collaborative effort between the Drug Court Team members, which include the District Court (Judge Michael Shubatt), County Attorney’s Office (CA Ralph Potter/John Bernau-Delaware Co.), Defense Attorney (Sarah Stork-Meyer of Clemens, Walters, Conlon & Meyer LLP), Department of Corrections (PO Lauri Waldbillig), Law Enforcement (Lt. Marty Steil) and SASC (Bobbie Jo Molokken/Matt Leifker).

The participants attend court every Thursday afternoon. They have Drug random drug testing and attend group and individual counseling. They start off at the Elm Street Residential Facility and based on satisfactory performance they will advance through the required phases of the program. They have to meet with the probation officer and attend multiple substance abuse sessions weekly, obtain and maintain employment and complete community service. The standard conditions of probation also apply.

The Drug Court provides award incentives for compliant behavior and imposes sanctions for negative behavior. Participants who do not comply with the rules may be placed in short term custody in jail, moved back to the previous phase or a variety of other sanctions determined by the team. Participants may also be terminated from Drug Court. If this occurs they have to complete their sentence in prison. 

Before court, the Drug Court Team meets to discuss how the participants’ week went. Information about the participants’ week is discussed and decisions on awards or sanctions are determined. During court participants discuss their week with Judge Shubatt in front of the other participants, Drug Court Team members and those who come in support of the participants.