Cooking Safety

Vendor Requirements

  • Cooking appliances that emit open flames such as L.P. gas, or charcoal grills must be placed outside of canopy area. This does not include electric roasters or appliances, sterno units, or flat griddle units.
  • Cooking appliances shall be placed as to provide as much clearance as possible between the appliance and overhead canopy.
  • Deep fryer units may be placed under the canopy but will require a K -Type (foam) extinguisher be in close proximity.
  • All vendors performing cooking operations shall have a minimum 2A-10 BC fire extinguisher.
  • An attendant is required at all times when a cooking or open flame appliance is in operation.
  • Compressed gas cylinders must be secured against tip over. Cylinders may not be secured to tent or canopy supports. (suggest chaining cylinders to a metal post driven in the ground or other suitable fixed object)
  • No propane or compressed gas cylinder manifolds are permitted in excess of two cylinders.
  • All extension cords and temporary electrical equipment shall be properly maintained and appropriate for the service use and electrical load demand. Cords shall not be run in the public travel area when possible.
  • Vendors using combustion engine powered generators shall place these units in areas away from tents and canopies and shall be isolated from contact with the public by fencing, enclosure or other approved means. Fuel for the generators shall be stored in approved containers and shall be secured from the public. Caution shall be exercised whenever fueling a hot generator and a minimum 2A-10 BC extinguisher shall be in close proximity.