STREETS: Smart Traffic Routing with Efficient and Effective Traffic System

Dynamic Routing of Traffic to Maximize the Use of Existing Roadway Capacities

The City of Dubuque is implementing the next generation of integrated traffic signal system that includes rapid simulation of future traffic conditions based on real-time data collection. It also includes communicating the modeled changes to road-users before they leave and while in route to balance delay and reduce congestion. The dynamic rerouting of traffic to balance road user delay is also expected to have safety benefits with a reduction in crashes and pollutants. Project goals include:

Improve Mobility

  • Reduce travel time for commuters within the corridor
  • Increase person and vehicle throughput on the corridor
  • Reduce delay time for corridor travel on the corridor’s networks
  • Detour/reroute traffic among corridors to balance the capacity usage

Reduce Congestion

  • Improve intersection operation
  • Reduce delay at intersections
  • Reduce incident detection time

Improve Safety

  • Reduce incident rate
  • Reduce injury rate
  • Reduce fatality rate
  • Reduce roadway hazards

Provide Information for Travelers

  • Improve collection and dissemination of road network information
  • Collect and process data on the operational condition/status of all corridor networks, including:
    • Comparative travel times between major origins and destinations
    • Construction, detours, and other planned road work
    • Occurrence and location of incidents
    • Expected delays
  • Disseminate comprehensive, real‐time, and accurate information to travelers within the corridor by means of multiple media (e.g., phone, computer, CMSs, 511 App)
  • Make available archived historical data to travelers

Project Timeline

July 2020 - December 2023

Project Contacts

David Ness
Traffic Engineer, City of Dubuque
563.589.4270 |

Chandra Ravada
Director of Transportation, Planning, and Transit Services
East Central Intergovernmental Association / Dubuque MPO/ RTA 8
563.556.4166 Ext. 230 |

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Project Partners

City of Dubuque
Dubuque Metropolitan Area Transportation Study (DMATS)
Iowa Department of Transportation (IADOT)