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The Pet-Friendly Community Committee wants to know how pet-friendly you believe our community is. The questions are based on the US Conference of Mayors' Pet-Friendly City Assessment. The assessment includes four sections: Parks, Shelters, Homes, and Businesses. Click here to take the quick survey now. 

Helpful Documents/Links:

September 2018 Animal Control Brochure: Click Here

Animal Control Ordinance: Click Here

Pet Park Rules: Click Here

Dubuque Training Services (Private Businesses): Click Here

The City Council, at their 2018 goal setting session, adopted Pet-Friendly Community: Policy Direction and Actions as a Policy Agenda High Priority.  The guidance from the Council included that this would not be only about pets in parks but would engage partners in how we could become a more pet-friendly community.  According to Iowa Code Chapter 717E, “pet” means a living animal which is limited to a dog, cat, or an animal normally maintained in a small tank or cage in or near a residence, including but not limited to a rabbit, gerbil, hamster, mouse, parrot, canary, mynah, finch, tropical fish, goldfish, snake, turtle, gecko, or iguana. 

The 2017 Imagine Dubuque Comprehensive Plan also contains recommendations related to pet-friendly community.   

• Re-evaluate the Parks and Recreation Plan, potentially through a strategic update or addendum, to identify opportunities to provide flexible, programmable space; improve active recreation connectivity in neighborhoods; and enhance Dubuque’s “dog-friendliness.”

• Evaluate and revise, as appropriate, the dog-related policies for all of Dubuque’s park and recreation facilities.

In November 2018, City Manager Michael C. Van Milligen recommended the creation of a Pet-Friendly Community Action Plan based off of the US Conference of Mayors' Pet-Friendly City Assessment.  A Pet-Friendly Community Committee includes six (6) City staff members, a Park and Recreation Advisory Commission representative, a representative of Friendly Intelligent Dog Owners (FIDO), a knowledgeable individual on the issue who might provide a different perspective than FIDO, a representative from the Humane Society and a person who is involved in the pet businesses. 

Pet Friendly Community Committee

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