Trespass Disclaimer

In order to proceed, you must verify the following has been completed:
  1. You have provided a copy of this Trespass Authorization & Notice to the individual to be banned for Individual Authorization, or;
  2. You have posted NO TRESPASSING signs on the building for General Authorization 
If you have not yet provided a copy of the Trespass Authorization & Notice to the person to be banned or posted signs on the building, please do so prior to submitting the form to the Dubuque Police Department. 

By law, a person to be banned must be notified before enforcement action can take place.  The person submitting trespass documentation to the police department is responsible for serving the same paperwork on the person to be banned by one of the methods listed below.  The Dubuque Police Department will not serve paperwork on the person to be banned.

Please refer to the Service of Paperwork section here for more information.

**If a Trespass Notification is served via Certified Mail, you will also need to provide a copy of the Proof of Service from the Post Office.**

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