What is Stormwater Pollution?

When it rains, stormwater runs down the street into storm drains which flows untreated into our local creeks, streams, and rivers. Along the way it pick up pollutants. 

What are pollutants?

Pollutants are things that can make people, fish, and animals sick if it is in the water. Soaps, grass clippings, trash, pet waste, pesticides and fertilizers, dirt, and oil are just some of the pollutants that make our water unhealthy.

Pollutants in the Bee Branch Watershed flow to the Bee Branch Creek



Examples of Pollutants

What Can YOU Do?

Preventing pollution is an everyday activity!

• Throw all your trash in a garbage can and not on the street, sidewalk, grass, or in a storm drain.

• If you see litter, pick it up and put it in a garbage can.

• Keep garbage and recycling containers tightly covered to prevent litter from being blown away or scattered by foraging animals.

• Make sure to clean up after your dog or cat. Pet waste contains bacteria that pollutes water. Always put pet waste in the trash.

• Use a broom, not a hose, to clean up outside. Do not wash off driveways into the street. Compost or recycle when possible.

• Remind your parents and family members to use a commercial car wash or wash vehicles on the lawn to prevent soapy water from entering storm drains.
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