Intermodal Transportation Center

The Intermodal Transportation, located at 950 Elm St., is the downtown transfer location and connection to Burlington Trailways. The site features indoor and outdoor seating, public restrooms, and ticket windows open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. 

A pedestrian bridge connects the Intermodal to a three-level parking structure with 292 parking spaces and bicycle storage. Passengers may enroll in Parking Plus which offers passengers a parking pass at regular cost with the added benefit of free rides on any Jule Route and free storage in the bike lockers. You must ride the bus a minimum of 10 times per month or you will be removed from Parking Plus and your parking pass will be deactivated. 

Second floor parking spaces were constructed using funds from the Federal Transit Authority and must be used by individuals utilizing transit services. 

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Intermodal Transportation Center Interior

Intermodal Interior

JFK Circle

The JFK Circle, located at 3355 Kennedy Circle, is the transfer point for west-end routes. A canopy was constructed in the summer of 2013 to provide a covered waiting area for passengers.

Phase II of this project includes restrooms and indoor waiting space. Grant funds and local match need to be secured to complete this phase.

JFK Circle Transfer

JFK Transfer

Bus Shelters & Stops

The Jule provides over 270 bus stops with 75% of business and residences within a five minute walk to a Jule bus stop.

The Jule also offers 12 bus shelters located at high-priority locations which serve 86% of the routes. Stop access and amenities serving elderly and disabled riders are currently being reviewed and improved.

The Jule accepts bus stop suggestions and accommodates the stops requests when possible. 

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Bus Shelters & Stops

Bus Shelter