2011 Art on the River

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 Mohawk  Stride  Twist and Shout 745 and Don't Be Late 
Mohawk Stride Twist and
7:45 and Don't
Be Late
 Trickledown  Whispering Stones Wishing, Well   Exhaling Dissolution
Trickledown Whispering
Wishing, Well Exhaling
 Asteray  The Sinking of the S.S. Innocence    
Asteray The Sinking of
the S.S. Innocence

Downloadable Map
Download a map that shows where all of the sculptures are located. 

Sales Information
All of the pieces are for sale and will be on display until June 2012.  Information on materials used in the sculpture, dimensions, weight, and sales prices is present on each individual page.  For sales information, contact the Arts and Cultural Affairs Coordinator by email or by calling 563.589.4110.