Sidewalk Maintenance

Sidewalk Hazards and Inspection Program

The City of Dubuque has a comprehensive and ongoing sidewalk inspection program. Each year, City Engineering staff inspect approximately 10-12 miles of sidewalk. The abutting property owner is financial responsible for repairing any defective conditions in the sidewalks and approaches discovered during the inspection. Report hazardous public sidewalks to the City Engineer’s office who will inspect and notify the abutting property owner to replace the defective section of sidewalk.

Sidewalk Snow Removal

Property owners are responsible for all maintenance and snow removal on sidewalks existing in front of homes and/or businesses as stated in Dubuque Code of Ordinances, Title 10-1-3-C, and State of Iowa Code, Chapter 364.12 responsibility for public places.

Street Tree / Sidewalk Conflicts

If not addressed, sidewalks raised by tree roots pose a serious trip hazard. The city prefers to save trees whenever possible, but in some cases the only option is removal. A sidewalk inspector will assess the sidewalk and tree to determine a solution.