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Planning Services Customer Service Survey

  1. Planning Services Customer Service Survey
  2. The Planning Services Department would like to provide the finest possible service to our customers and to the people of Dubuque. Your comment and suggestions will help us reach that goal.
  3. 1. Are you a:*
  4. 2. What service(s) did you need?*
  5. 3. Were our business hours convenient for you? *
  6. Optional:
  7. Staff Person(s) worked with:
  8. Optional: Feedback for You
  9. If you would like someone from the Planning Services Department to contact you, please indicate your name, a telephone number, and the time when you would like to be called.
  10. Preferred form of contact:
  11. Best day (s) to call:
  12. Best time to call:
  13. Optional: Demographic Information
  14. Completing the following information is optional. It is considered confidential and will not be associated with the customer service survey. This information is used to assist staff in fulfilling City Council goals related to equity and diversity.
  15. Gender
    Choose all that apply:
  16. Age Category
  17. Race and/or Ethnicity
    Choose all that apply:
  18. Person with a Disability
  19. Formal Education Completed
  20. How long has your family lived in the United States?
  21. Household Income
  22. Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey so that we may better assist you in the future.
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