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Employee Newsletter Survey

  1. The Public Information Office is considering changing the format of the City's employee newsletter to encourage readership. Please fill out the short survey below. Thank you for your feedback!
  2. The City's employee newsletter has traditionally been called "SPIRIT Times" (in recognition of Service, People, Integrity, Responsible, Innovative, Teamwork). What are your thoughts on that name for the newsletter?*
  3. Currently, the newsletter is distributed with paychecks every 2 weeks. If, in the future, the newsletter is distributed as its own item (not necessarily coinciding with paychecks), how often would you prefer to receive it?*
  4. What potential content would you like to see regularly in the newsletter? Some options are new ideas, some already occur in current newsletters.*
    Select as many as you'd like.
  5. Thank you for your feedback!
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