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Tenant Database Submission Form

  1. Tenant Database Information
    The tenant database may be utilized by any property owner renting one or more than one house, duplex, apartment, condominium, or rooming house located in the City of Dubuque. The Tenant Database helps property owners and property managers access information that may assist in screening processes. It may contain information related to past or present rental history of a rental applicant. For property owners or property managers conducting mandatory criminal background checks through the City of Dubuque, any rental information about the applicant contained in the database will be provided with the results of the criminal background check. Property owners or property managers who conduct mandatory criminal background checks independently from the City of Dubuque may use the Tenant Database, too.
  2. Guidelines for Using the Tenant Database
    1. A Tenant Database Release Form must be completed to participate. (See link to the right) 2. This Tenant Database Information Form may be completed and submitted. 3. No personal comments concerning your resident will be allowed. 4. Previous rental history of a resident, the dates of resident’s tenancy with you, tenancy with you, and the same information for residents who have just executed leases with you, will be accepted into the database. 5. All forms must be complete before submission.
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  7. *Please read Guidelines for Using Tenant Database in the green box above to ensure your comments comply with requirements.
  8. Disclaimer
    The information contained herein is made available to the public by the City of Dubuque, but is provided by landlords owning property in Dubuque, property management companies managing property in Dubuque, and the Iowa District Court for Dubuque County. Neither the City of Dubuque; its employees; or officers, collectively or individually; assumes any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information or process disclosed. Any information submitted can, and will, be redacted if the information is determined to be inappropriate in the sole discretion of the City of Dubuque.
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    For more information, contact us at or (563)587-3601.
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