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Rent Reasonableness Survey

  1. Please enter the original lease date of current tenant, or check the box to the right if unit is currently vacant
  2. If unknown, please estimate
  3. Who pays for the heat?*
  4. Who pays for the heating of the water?*
  5. Who pays for the energy service to the stove?*
  6. Who pays for water & sewer?*
  7. Who pays for the electricity?*
  8. Who pays for garbage collection?*
  9. Who furnishes the refrigerator?*
  10. Who furnishes the stove?*
  11. Is the unit wheelchair accessible for persons with mobility disabilities?*
  12. Amenities Included*
    Please check the following features/amenities that THIS UNIT includes.
  13. Available Unit Listing
    If this unit is currently vacant, are you interested in listing it on our "Available Unit Listing"?
  14. If you have other units that are identical to this unit, please list their full addresses here.
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