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Phase 1: Landlord Damage Reimbursement Program Inspection Request

  1. Phase 1: You are submitting a request for a move out inspection with City of Dubuque's Housing and Community Developement Department becasue you believe the damages exceed the amount of deposit and you would like to request up to $2500 damage assistance grant. The required documents with this form will be reviewed by the HC&D Staff and you will be contacted to scheudule an inspection. Please do not begin any repairs until an inspector has completed the inspection.
  2. Please review these requirements before submitting for this grant:
    1. You must submit within 30 days of the assistance termination. If the assistance lasts the term of the lease you will have 30 days after the lease. This grant is connected tied to when the assistance ends and if there are damages. 2. Your unit must have been assisted by these agencies: HACAP HOME Program, CSEI Rapid Rehousing, City of Dubuque's Voucher Program (s), Eastern Iowa Regional Housing Authority's Voucher(s) programs or Catholic Charities. 3. The lease was executed on or after April 1, 2021. 4. You must have completed and submit a move-in video of the exact items you are claiming damage. 5. You must complete a 90-120 Recheck Inspection after the tenant moves in to ensure the conditions. If there are damages at this time you are required to work with the assisting agencies case manager to remediate any damages at that time.
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