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Peer Research: Recruitment Process

  1. The Equitable Recruitment Team wants YOUR input!
    We want to know about your recruitment "journey" to our department! We have to start with the best data we have available, and that data lies right here within our awesome staff! Please take a couple minutes to fill out this survey. If we have a 95% response rate, Alex will bring snacks for the entire department!
  2. If less than 1 year, please label your time in months (ie, "6 months").
  3. For example: I was interviewed twice for my first position with a panel that included multiple supervisors and the Director. My second position I only interviewed once with a panel of 3 people. My third position I was appointed.
  4. 8. Do you feel that you experienced any bias (positive or negative) when you were hired?
    For example: Do you feel like you were "hand-picked"? Did you know someone who worked in the HCD Dept?
  5. 10. Do you feel that the work you do on a daily basis matches the job description for which you were hired?
  6. 12. Do you feel like you are compensated fairly for the work that you do?
  7. 13. I feel that I was given adequate training and resources to be successful in my position.
    Please choose one option to indicate your level of agreement.
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