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Vote for your favorite 2021-2022 Art on the River sculpture!

  1. Which 2021-22 Art on the River sculpture is your favorite?*

    You may vote for up to 3, but please only vote once! The People's Choice winner will be announced in August 2022.

  2. Coral by Tim Adams
  3. Scalar by Luke Achterberg
  4. The Single Twist by Mary Angers
    The Single Twist
  5. Mother Earth by Christine Murphy
    Murphy_Mother Earth
  6. Three Liner by Even Lewis
    Three Liner
  7. Resilient Generations by Gail Chavenelle
    Resilient Generations
  8. Seda by Tim Adams
  9. Stalk 10052REH400-2 (Covid Corn to Go) by Matt Moyer
    Stalk - COVID Corn to Go
  10. Pluma Sculptura, aka The Feather, by Kirk Seese
    Pluma Sculptura aka The Feather
  11. We Are All Downstream by Mike Klein
    We Are All Downstream
  12. Downstream by Brian Petrone
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