How do I recycle my glass?

The City of Dubuque ended its curbside collection of glass on July 2, 2011, because it was no longer a sustainable practice. In terms of Dubuque’s sustainability model, glass collection is a very poor economic investment with costs greatly exceeding benefits and offsets. Recycling glass also has very low net environmental benefits and glass is inert and therefore disposal in a landfill causes no direct pollution.

If you want to recycle glass, here are some options available:

  • Return your glass to one of the drop-off locations (purple containers) around Dubuque
    • The DMASWA Landfill Facility at 101 Airborne Rd. (formerly 14501 HWY 20 West, now accessed by a frontage road.)
    • The City of Dubuque Municipal Services Center at 925 Kerper Ct. 
    • Hy-Vee in Asbury Plaza (off the NW Arterial)
  • Redeem glass bottles through Iowa’s Bottle Bill’s five-cent redemption program. About 40 percent of the glass that was curbside-collected in Dubuque qualified for five-cent redemption.
  • Find ways to reuse the glass containers you buy and look for products that come in a type of packaging that is locally recyclable.

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