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New CityChannel Dubuque Programming

Today through Wednesday will see the CityChannel Dubuque (Mediacom cable channel 8 or digital 117.2 and online) premieres of programs recorded at three recent events.  Tonight (Monday, June 17) at 9:30 p.m. is the Imagine Dubuque Mayor’s Lunch from Thursday of last week to kick-start the call to action to implement the Imagine Dubuque comprehensive plan.  This program runs 35 minutes.

Tomorrow (Tuesday, June 18) at 5 p.m. will be the EPA Brownfields Grant announcement recorded on June 5.  Federal, state, and local officials gathered in the Historic Millwork District to announce this grant, which allows the city some flexibility in terms of how it’s used.  This program runs nearly 27 minutes.

And finally, on Wednesday (June 18) at 7 p.m. is a short program recorded on Saturday, June 8, to reveal the colorful banners surrounding the Blum brownfield site near the lower Bee Branch Creek around 16th & Elm.  This program is 10 minutes long.

Now, both the Bee Branch Banner Reveal and the EPA Brownfields Grant announcement are closed captioned.  The City Council approved funding for closed captioning for Fiscal Year 2020 (which begins on July 1 of this year) and we’ve been testing the process on a few programs.  The closed captions will be viewable during their premiere runs on CityChannel Dubuque.  They will be visible online the next day after we upload and attach them to the online files recorded the night before.

A good way to know if a show is captioned is to look for “CC” at the end of our program guide on the City’s website.  I’ll send more detailed information about our closed captioning project soon.

Craig Nowack
Cable TV Coordinator


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