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City Council Completes Annual Goal-Setting Sessions

Mayor Roy D. Buol
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DUBUQUE, Iowa – The Dubuque City Council completed its annual goal-setting sessions on Thursday, Aug. 3.  Over the course of three evening sessions, City Council members reaffirmed the 15-year vision statement and mission statement and identified eight five-year goals for the city.  They also identified top and high priorities for a 2017-2019 policy agenda as well as a management agenda for projects and initiatives planned for 2017-2019.  

The 2032 Dubuque Vision Statement
Dubuque 2032 is a sustainable and resilient city and an inclusive and equitable community. Dubuque 2032 has preserved our Masterpiece on the Mississippi, has a strong diverse economy and expanding connectivity. Our residents experience healthy living and active lifestyles; have choices of quality, livable neighborhoods; have an abundance of fun things to do; and are engaged in the community.

Mission Statement 
Dubuque city government is progressive and financially sound with residents receiving value for their tax dollars and achieving goals through partnerships. Dubuque city government’s mission is to deliver excellent municipal services that support urban living; contribute to an equitable, sustainable city; plan for the community’s future; and facilitate access to critical human services. 

City of Dubuque Goals 2022
  • Robust Local Economy: Diverse Businesses and Jobs with Economic Prosperity
  • Vibrant Community: Healthy and Safe
  • Livable Neighborhoods and Housing: Great Place to Live
  • Financially Responsible, High-Performance City Organization: Sustainable, Equitable, and Effective Service Delivery
  • Sustainable Environment: Preserving and Enhancing Natural Resources
  • Partnership for a Better Dubuque: Building Our Community that is Viable, Livable, and Equitable
  • Diverse Arts, Culture, Parks, and Recreation Experiences and Activities
  • Connected Community: Equitable Transportation, Technology Infrastructure, and Mobility
Policy Agenda
Policy agenda items are issues that need direction or a policy decision by the City Council, or need a major funding decision by the City Council, or issues that need City Council leadership in the community or with other governmental bodies.  The policy agenda is divided into top priorities and high priorities.

2017 – 2019 Top Priorities (in alphabetical order):
  • Central Avenue Revitalization: Streetscape and Business Development 
  • Citywide Flower Planting Program
  • Communitywide Solar Strategy
  • Comprehensive Plan: Adoption
  • East-West Corridor Study Implementation
  • Master Plan for Chaplain Schmitt Island
  • South Port Redevelopment Master Plan
  • Splash Pad
2017 – 2019 High Priorities (in alphabetical order):
  • Crime Prevention Program Expansion
  • Dilapidated Buildings/Structures
  • Five Flags Center Study 
  • Inclusive Dubuque
  • Kerper Boulevard Revitalization Report
  • Multicultural Family Center: Colts Building Direction and Funding
  • River Cruise Docking Facilities
  • Roosevelt Road Water Tower
Management Agenda
Management agenda items are issues for which the City Council has set the overall direction and provided initial funding, may require further City Council action or funding, or are major management projects that may take multiple years to implement.  The management agenda is divided into top priorities and high priorities.

2017 – 2019 Management in Progress Top Priorities (in alphabetical order):
  • CHANGE Program: Implementation
  • Citywide Traffic Signal Synchronization 
  • Comiskey Park Expansion and Renovation
  • Crescent Community Health Center: Development Agreement
  • Greater Dubuque Development Corporation Downtown Transformation
  • Residential Housing Upgrade/Flood Protection Program 
  • Westside Water System: Implementation
2017 – 2019 Management in Progress High Priorities (in alphabetical order):
  • Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Plan: Development 
  • Cartegraph Partnership: High-Performance Government
  • City Performance Measures/Open Data Catalog/Data-Driven Governance
  • International City/County Management Association (ICMA) Fellowship International Exchange
  • Leisure Services Department Assessment 
  • Parking Ramp Maintenance: Direction/Funding
  • Teen/Young Professionals/Seniors: Jackson Park Pilot Program
  • Water & Resource Recovery Center Nutrient Trading
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