December 28, 2021

The Jule will operate on alternate routes until road conditions improve.
•Green Jackson/Terrace Heights/Central and Pink Windsor/Terrace Heights/Central - No service to Terrace Heights. Bus will stop at Casey's on Peru Rd.
•Green Jackson/ Broadway/Central – No service to Saunders St & Broadway St. Bus will travel on Central Ave.
•Orange Clarke/Senior/W. Locust – No service on Madison Hill or Clarke Dr. Bus will travel west on Locust St.
•Gray Westbound Asbury – No service to Sunset Park Circle Bus will continue on Kaufmann Ave to Asbury to Sams Club.
•Purple Mall/Walmart/Target - No service to Wingate. Bus will travel on Sylvan Dr to Kennedy Mall.
•Business Shuttle – If large employers are releasing early, adjust schedule accordingly

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