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October 30, 2020 11:49 AM

Oct. 30 COVID-19 Update

(11 a.m. yesterday to 11 a.m. today):

Dubuque County: 132 new cases. Total confirmed cases to date = 5,581
Iowa: 2,667 new cases. Total confirmed cases to date = 124,611

Dubuque County: No additional deaths. Total deaths to date = 58
Iowa: 15 additional deaths. Total deaths to date = 1,706

Dubuque County: Hospitalized = 30 as of Oct. 28. (6 more than Oct. 27.)
Please note: This number is Dubuque County residents only. COVID-19 patients in Dubuque County hospitals who are NOT Dubuque County residents are not reflected in this number.
Iowa: Currently hospitalized = 606* (1 more than yesterday.)
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* = Record high

Dubuque County:
253 more individuals tested. Total residents tested to date = 36,566
Test Positivity Rate: 14-day average = 16.8%, average to date = 15.3%.
7,166 more individuals tested. Total Iowa residents tested to date = 964,266
Test Positivity Rate: 14-day average = 12.5%, average to date = 12.9%

Dubuque County: New recoveries = 66. Total number of recoveries = 3,653
Iowa: New recoveries = 887. Total number of recoveries = 92,301

Dubuque County: 4 long-term care facility outbreaks:
Luther Manor Communities, Dubuque (45 positive cases, 8 recoveries)
MercyOne Dyersville Senior Care, Dyersville (35 positive cases, 26 recoveries)
Sunnycrest Manor, Dubuque (20 positive cases, 17 recoveries)
Shady Rest Care Center (7 positive cases, 2 recoveries)
Iowa: 76 outbreaks (5 more than yesterday)
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Tips for Voters to Reduce Spread of COVID-19
There are steps you can take to help you vote and minimize your risk during the COVID-19 pandemic. The more prepared you are, the less time you may have to spend at the voting site. When voting, you can protect yourself and others if you:

avoid close contact: try to stay at least 6 feet apart of other people, especially those not wearing a mask
wear a mask around others
take care when touching surfaces and wash your hands often or, if not possible, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol

For additional information, visit

If you or a family member are in quarantine or isolation and concerned about being able to vote safely in the next few days, please contact the Iowa Secretary of State's Office at (888) 767-8683.

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