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October 29, 2020 12:33 PM

Oct. 29 COVID-19 Update

Task Force: All Indicators of Community Spread Increasing in Iowa

The Oct. 25, 2020, White House Coronavirus Task Force's state report for Iowa keeps Iowa, Dubuque County, and Dubuque designated as red zones. In referring to Iowa, the report also states, "All indicators of community spread are increasing, including percent of nursing homes with positive staff members and residents, and community spread is increasing hospital admissions, leading to potential resource constraints."

Additionally, the report says mitigation efforts must be increased to control community spread to include:

mask wearing,
physical distancing,
hand hygiene, and
avoiding crowds in public and specifically, social gatherings in private.
"We are finding that as the weather cools, friends and families are moving social gatherings indoors, significantly increasing spread."

The report, provided to state officials, recommends "working with communities to limit large and small social gatherings; current transmissions are linked to home gatherings. People must remember that seemingly uninfected family members and friends may be infected but asymptomatic."

"When meeting people who are not a part of one’s household, masking and physical distancing must be observed at all times, especially when indoors."

Read the full report at

(11 a.m. yesterday to 11 a.m. today):

Dubuque County: 103 new cases. Total confirmed cases to date = 5,449
Iowa: 2,418 new cases. Total confirmed cases to date = 121,944

Dubuque County: 1 additional death. Total deaths to date = 58
Iowa: 11 additional deaths. Total deaths to date = 1,691

Dubuque County: Hospitalized = 24 as of Oct. 27. (3 less than Oct. 25.)
Please note: This number is Dubuque County residents only. COVID-19 patients in Dubuque County hospitals who are NOT Dubuque County residents are not reflected in this number.
Iowa: Currently hospitalized = 605* (9 more than yesterday.)
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* = Record high

Dubuque County:
230 more individuals tested. Total residents tested to date = 36,313
Test Positivity Rate: 14-day average = 16%, average to date = 15%.

7,777 more individuals tested. Total Iowa residents tested to date = 957,100
Test Positivity Rate: 14-day average = 11.8%, average to date = 12.7%

Dubuque County: New recoveries = 73. Total number of recoveries = 3,587
Iowa: New recoveries = 988. Total number of recoveries = 91,414

Dubuque County: 3 long-term care facility outbreaks:
Luther Manor Communities, Dubuque (44 positive cases, 4 recoveries)
MercyOne Dyersville Senior Care, Dyersville (35 positive cases, 25 recoveries)
Sunnycrest Manor, Dubuque (20 positive cases, 17 recoveries)
Iowa: 71 outbreaks (4 more than yesterday)
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Safety Tips for Halloween
The Oct. 28 video update from the Dubuque County Public Health Incident Management Team is a special version for Halloween and, in addition to a review of recent spikes in hospitalizations and cases, includes tips on how to celebrate Halloween safely during the COVID-19 pandemic. Watch the video at

For additional information on celebrating safely, visit:


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