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November 18, 2020 11:56 AM

Nov. 18 COVID-19 Update

Nov. 15 White House Coronavirus Task Force Report

The latest report for Iowa states, "...there is now aggressive, unrelenting, expanding, broad community spread across the country, reaching most counties, without evidence of improvement but rather, further deterioration. Current mitigation strategies are inadequate and must be increased to flatten the curve to sustain the health system both COVID and non-COVID emergencies."

"The spread in Iowa is exponential and unyielding. The mask requirements in limited settings are a good start for Iowa to slow the spread; however, this recommendation needs to be expanded to all public settings."

Read the full report at

(11 a.m. yesterday to 11 a.m. today):

Dubuque County: 156 new cases. Total confirmed cases to date = 8,092
Iowa: 3,900 new cases. Total confirmed cases to date = 194,494

Dubuque County: 2 additional deaths. Total deaths to date = 86
Iowa: 39 additional deaths. Total deaths to date = 2,064

Dubuque County Residents Hospitalized = 56 as of Nov. 16. (3 more than Nov. 15.)
Iowans Currently hospitalized = 1,527* (17 more than yesterday.)
* = Record High

Dubuque County: New recoveries = 84. Total number of recoveries = 4,853
Iowa: New recoveries = 1,353. Total number of recoveries = 111,290
IDPH designates positive cases as recovered after 28 days if there are no observable signs or symptoms of COVID-19

Dubuque County: 3,153 active cases (70 more than yesterday)
Active cases are determined by subtracting the total number of recovered cases and deaths from the total number of positive cases to date.

Dubuque County: 4 long-term care facility outbreaks (same as yesterday) with 101 positive cases (same as yesterday) and 34 recoveries (same as yesterday):
- Dubuque Specialty Care, Dubuque (6 positive cases, 2 recoveries)
- Luther Manor Communities, Dubuque (76 positive cases, 25 recoveries)
- ManorCare Health Services, Dubuque (12 positive cases, 5 recoveries)
- Shady Rest Care Center, Cascade (7 positive cases, 2 recoveries)

Iowa: 94 outbreaks (2 less than yesterday) with 2,780 positive cases, 1,396 recoveries, and 961 deaths to date.

Dubuque County:
316 more individuals tested. Total residents tested to date = 41,351
Test Positivity Rate: 14-day average = 23.9%, average to date = 19.6%.

9,403 more individuals tested. Total Iowa residents tested to date = 1,123,475
Test Positivity Rate: 14-day average = 22.5%, average to date = 17.3%

For the most current information on COVID-19, visit

For COVID-19 information specific to Dubuque County, visit

Free Local COVID-19 Testing Options

Dubuque County Test Iowa Clinics

Epic Health & Wellness
A Test Iowa Clinic is being offered at Epic Health & Wellness at 1075 Cedar Cross Road in Dubuque. All testing at this location is by appointment, Monday - Friday.

To be tested at this location, you must first take the Test Iowa assessment at All testing at this location is by appointment, Monday through Friday. After taking the assessment, appointments can be made by calling 563.583.6595 or scheduled online at

Grand River Medical Group
Grand River Medical Group is offering free testing for Iowa residents through the Test Iowa Initiative at its Respiratory Clinic location (1400 University Ave., Apt. #6). Hours of operation are Mondays – Thursdays, 12 p.m. – 7 p.m. and Fridays 12 p.m. – 5 p.m., by appointment only, scheduled online through the Test Iowa website.

To be tested at this location, you must first take the Test Iowa assessment at When choosing Grand River Medical Group as the location, you will be asked to schedule your appointment utilizing the online tools. No appointments will be scheduled by phone. Drive-up testing will not be offered at this location. All appointments will be scheduled as in-clinic appointments.

Call Test Iowa with questions about testing: 515.575.2131 or 844.844.1561 (toll free).

Additional Free Local Testing Options

Hartig Drug
Hartig Drug Company pharmacies are offering free COVID-19 test collection by appointment in Dubuque. This free COVID-19 test collection program is not affiliated with Test Iowa and is implemented in collaboration with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and eTrueNorth, a laboratory services company focused on enhancing pharmacies’ access to diagnostic laboratory testing.

Test collection sites for this program can be found at The online portal helps patients make test collection appointments. Any individual, regardless of their state of residence, is eligible to test, even if they are not experiencing COVID-19 symptoms. Local test collection sites for this program are:

Hartig Drug Co 3, 2255 John F Kennedy Rd , Ste. 16, Dubuque
Hartig Drug Co 4, 2225 Central Ave, Dubuque
Hartig Drug Co 8, 1600 University Ave, Dubuque
Please note that advance registration is required and test collection schedules vary by site.

Hy-Vee, Inc. is offering free self-administered COVID-19 testing at all three Dubuque locations:

Asbury Plaza Hy-Vee, 2395 NW Arterial, Dubuque
Hy-Vee on Dodge Street, 3500 Dodge St., Dubuque
Hy-Vee on S. Locust, 400 S. Locust St., Dubuque
Each location can accommodate up to 12 patients per hour. The tests are free and are administered via a Hy-Vee pharmacy drive-thru testing process. Individuals do not have to have COVID-19 symptoms to be tested, but they must register online to receive a test voucher number, testing site and appointment time. The COVID-19 tests are being coordinated by eTrueNorth.

To register for a test voucher number, visit Each patient will need to answer the questions and provide requested information in order to receive a test voucher number, testing site location, and appointment time. The patient will then arrive at the specified test site pharmacy drive-thru with either a printed voucher number or show the voucher number on their phone before given a test kit. The Hy-Vee pharmacy employee will provide the test kit, provide instructions on how to self-administer the test and supervise the administration of the test. The patient will then drop off their completed kit in a collection bin.

The entire test process takes about five minutes. From there, the Hy-Vee pharmacy collects all tests, which are shipped to a lab via the United Parcel Service (UPS). Results will then be sent to the patient by email in three to five business days.

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