Police Discrimination Complaints


Residents who feel they have been discriminated against by a police officer have three options they can pursue. 

1)    They may file a complaint with the Iowa Civil Rights Commission, and/or
2)    They may file an internal affairs complaint with the Dubuque Police Department, and/or
3)    They may file a grievance with the Dubuque Community-Police Relations Committee (DCPRC). The


DCPRC is composed of nine members who include three community members, a Dubuque Human Rights Commission member, two minority representatives from the community, a City Government representative, a Police Department representative, and a police officer designated by the Police Protective Association. 
DCPRC's activity is limited to:
  • Accepting and reviewing complaints of police misconduct related to a person's civil rights being violated
  • Accepting and reviewing complaints against a police officer believed to be engaging in discriminatory behavior in enforcement of the law
  • Taking the initiative to recommend operational or procedural changes to the City or the Police Department that will ensure equal enforcement of the law

Complaint Process

When a complaint is filed with DCPRC, the panel will meet and conduct whatever investigation they feel is necessary in order to make a recommendation to the City Manager. Residents are encouraged, but not required, to file such complaints with the Police Department for initial investigation, under the Department's internal procedures. Concerns regarding the operations or policies of the Dubuque Police Department can also be submitted for review to DCPRC. 

Fill out the complaint form online or a complaint form may be obtained from:
City Manager's Office                       Dubuque Police Department
City Hall                                            770 Iowa Street
50 W. 13th St.                                   Dubuque, IA 52001                           
Dubuque, IA  52001
Forms also are available from the Office of Equity & Human Rights, 1157 Central Ave., Dubuque, IA  52001, or you may download and print the brochure/complaint form here. Completed complaint forms must be returned to the Office of Equity & Human Rights.