Homeowner Do's and Don'ts

Reduce Household Wastes
Homeowners may be wondering how they can reduce household hazardous wastes. Here are a few tips that homeowners should follow if they must dispose of their household hazardous waste:
  • Keep products in original containers.
  • Buy only the amount of a product that you need.
  • Share unused products with friends, neighbors, or local groups.
  • Never burn or bury hazardous waste; this can cause water and air pollution.
  • Never pour hazardous waste down street drains or storm sewers, or dump along roadside; this can cause water pollution. Do not use hazardous waste containers for food.

Plastics and Cardboard

Do not flush plastics or cardboard products. These items can clog the sewer system and even your own bathroom. Flushing these products also increase maintenance costs at the Water & Resource Recovery Center. Increased maintenance costs are reflected in sewer use fees that you pay.