Zoning is the process of organizing a city into unique areas for residential, commercial, or industrial use. Each designated zone has regulations on the number, type, and permitted use of buildings in the area to best serve the public’s interest. Through zoning, Dubuque can maintain a healthy, efficient and functional community.

Benefits of Zoning:

  • Zoning can allow potential nuisance to be located away from residential neighborhoods.
  • Zoning can prevent the mixing of incompatible land uses. 
  • Zoning can ensure the availability of parking options.
  • Zoning can protect recreational areas.

Living across the street from a nuclear power plant just doesn’t make sense. That’s why zoning is necessary. 

When a resident proposes a new use for a property, they submit a rezoning application. The Zoning Advisory Commission reviews rezoning applications in terms of their impact on the neighborhood, community, environment, and the City’s utilities and transportation systems. The commission takes input from applicants, neighboring property owners, citizens, and City staff.

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Zoning Resources

All Zoning Advisory Commission meetings are aired live on CityChannel Dubuque. To view archived meetings, visit the media page