Landlord Incentives

Damage Reimbursement Program

This program offers landlords up to $2,500 per unit for damage reimbursement if the damage exceeds the paid deposit for the assisted unit. To be eligible, the unit must be located in the city of Dubuque or Dubuque County, have a signed lease on or after April 1, 2021, and received assistance through the City of Dubuque, ECIA, Catholic Charities, HACAP or another qualifying organization. 

For more information, call 563.690.6106.

Benefits of Renting to Housing Choice Voucher Participants

  • Opportunities and Benefits for Housing Providers Flyer 
  • The rent subsidy payments paid on behalf of the tenant are guaranteed as long as the property is maintained in a decent and safe condition.
  • Rent subsidies are automatically deposited into the account of your choice so that it is always received by the first of the month.
  • The program is based upon the private market, not public housing units. You will be helping to provide quality and affordable housing opportunities.
  • You screen and select your own tenants.
  • We may be able to provide additional information about the participating household to assist you with your screening. Consider us to be another resource.
  • You may rent to as many or as few Housing Choice Voucher tenants as you choose.
  • The biennial inspections can assist in helping to maintain your property.
  • You utilize your own lease agreement.
  • You manage the property and tenant behavior. No rights are taken away as long as you are following Iowa Landlord / Tenant Law.
  • Units are inspected according to the City of Dubuque Existing Housing Code, the same code applied to any residential unit.
  • We offer free advertising of your vacant units.
  • You are able to refer other tenants that you know might qualify for rental assistance.
  •  HCV Myth-Busting and Benefits Fact Sheet

Notification and Disclosure of Lead-Based Paint Hazards

Before the execution of the lease, the owner or owner’s agent is required to disclose any knowledge of lead-based paint or lead-based paint hazards in housing built prior to 1978 to all prospective residents. Our office must keep a copy of the disclosure notice executed by the owner and tenant in the tenant file.


Free Tenant Screening Options

Help us keep Dubuque neighborhoods safe, housing well-maintained, and tenants accountable. Learn more about the Free Tenant Screening Options offered by the City of Dubuque.